My name is Mark Bello and I am a front-end (React/Redux) developer with full-stack training in Ruby/Rails, based in New York City. This is my personal portfolio website and blog.

I was a designer first before I learned engineering, and that mode of thinking guides my approach to software. I'll say this til I'm blue in the face: We write code for people, not for machines.

Blog // Coding for People

Pet Project

PLURview analyzes EDM artists' music features to create a color gradient describing their general vibe, using an API and algorithm I wrote using Ruby-on-Rails.

The front-end is a React/Redux app. It displays a list of EDM acts coming to NYC in the near future, matched with the artists' color gradients where available.

Live App | Front-End Repo | Back-End Private

Stack Highlights


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Rack and Sinatra
  • NodeJS and Express
  • SQL/NoSQL (MongoDB)


  • React and Redux
  • Plain Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery
  • Bootstrap and Semantic UI
  • HTML and CSS

Web Developer Portfolio

Each video file below shows a quick scroll through one of my projects on a landscape view, to be concise. All of my web projects are responsive as well, because good design for mobile is good design for people.

Mark Bello

Mark Bello