Sandwich Clicker: Brutalist. Plain Vanilla JS.

An experiment in brutalist design, written with plain vanilla Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Inspired by Cookie Clicker- you click the sandwich, it sells the sandwich.

What kind of sandwich you ask? Probably the kind of sandwich they sell on the subway out of a cooler cuz like, they’re a dollar apiece. PB&J? Maybe, but except without the J- too much color…

Similar to the original Cookie Clicker, making enough sandwiches opens an expansive world of upgrades. By “expansive” I mean 3. Brutal.

Purchasing an upgrade sets an interval on the app, allowing it to produce and sell more and more sandwiches without you clicking the sandwich button. Watch out, though: the upgrades get substantially more expensive each time you purchase them.

A Ruby on Rails API on the back-end persists your account balance and interval. It is essential to protect this sensitive information from a wayward page refresh.

In-game micro interactions come courtesy of plain CSS and BounceJS, and make the user experience more engaging.

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Mark Bello